Vichhay Khiev
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Class of 2012
  • Easton, PA

Vichhay Khiev of Easton Named to Dean's List at Lafayette College

2012 Feb 21

Vichhay Khiev of Easton has been named to the fall semester Dean's List at Lafayette by Hannah Stewart-Gambino, dean of the college. To qualify for Dean's List, a student has achieved at least a 3.60 semester grade point average out of a possible 4.0.

Lafayette is a top liberal arts college with 2,400 students and 200 full-time faculty that offers a wide variety of undergraduate degree programs including engineering. With close proximity to New York City and Philadelphia, Lafayette has one of the highest endowment-per-student rates in the nation. This means ample resources to fuel student research, and provide opportunities for study abroad, internships and field work. It means outstanding facilities, Division I sports, and funding for 250 student groups on one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.